How to Treat your Feet

Regardless of whether or not your feet are cracked, bumpy, or just a little bit swollen you want to do absolutely everything in your power to breathe new life into your feet, especially since you were going to be spending the majority of your life on them!

For one reason or another, a lot of people really struggling treating foot conditions – which ends up leaving your feet over exposed to some pretty awful situations. Sooner or later your feet go beyond a threshold and turned into something truly gnarly, and beating back conditions like athletes foot, fungus, and ingrown toenails becomes a truly significant challenge.

By arming yourself with all of the inside information in this quick guide you’ll know exactly how to treat your body right by overhauling the health of your feet!

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Athlete’s foot

If your feet are dry, your skin cracked, and you have flakes of flesh peeling off of the bottom of your feet and in between your toes the odds are pretty good that you are contending with a fungal infection commonly referred to as “athlete’s foot”.

This is caused by wet and humid conditions that are common when your feet are stuck in sweaty socks for a while. The best way to combat this condition is to use over-the-counter medications or (more serious situations) reach for prescription grade medications that get the job done quickly.


Large, bony lumps that grow on the outside of your big toe (right near the joint), bunions can be a nightmare to contend with – especially if you are in utilizing medications prescribed by your doctor.

Toe spacers can do a great job of eliminating bunions, but you may have to take advantage of prescription medications aimed at reducing the size of the growth or even surgical solutions that carve them out of your feet altogether.

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Hammertoe (also known as Claudel) happens when you are dealing with a contracture at the joints in your for smaller toes – leaving your feet looking like they are claw hammers.

When you have flat feet or high arches you are much more susceptible to dealing with hammertoe than those without, and you’re going to want to look specifically for shoes that are designed for your feet and your footfall so that you really reduce the amount of pressure being placed on these joints to begin with.

Ingrown toenails

Incredibly painful if they are left unaddressed for longer blocks of time, this is when a piece of your nail basically grows into your skin and in flames the area. You can soak your feet in warm water that has Epsom salts dumped in, though you may have to have a professional remove the chuck of ingrown nail and shape your toenail so that the problem doesn’t happen again in the future.