How to Survive a Detox Without Losing your Mind

Human beings are creatures of habit.

We find something that we really enjoyed and then we stick to it, really grooving it over and over in our day to day lives until it becomes a part of our very fiber and our very essence.

This is why dangerous habits (and even deadly habits) are so challenging to overcome or to abandon altogether, especially if you’ve been sticking to those habits unconsciously for any significant amount of time. But can we really detox our bodies? Some people say no!

The problem is that most of us don’t even realize that we are creating habits every single time we eat, and that many of these habits are nowhere near as healthy as they should be. The standard diet is anything but healthy – loaded with sugar, simple carbs, and all kinds of dangerous food additives – but because most of our favorite meals and snacks fall into these categories we just can’t turn away no matter how hard we try.

This is why a detox is so important – and so challenging!

detox 1

Rebooting your system can be a real challenge unless you are smart about it

Detoxifying your body by making major changes to your regular dietary habits and throwing out every instance of “junk food” unimaginable can be a very exciting prospect and a nightmare to actually put into practice, especially if you aren’t sure of how to go about this process to begin with.

But if you’re smart about your detox – if you make complete overhauls to the freshest and healthiest food, if you keep a timeline on your detox, and if you incorporate the detox into your life on a regular basis – everything just kind of falls into place.

Here’s how to go about a smart detox to get your health back to where it belongs!

Preplan and prep as much as possible

Detoxing your body becomes a lot easier when you throw out every single example of bad food you have in the house and refused to bring anything new in that isn’t fresh and healthy. Prep ahead of time before the detox and you won’t be tempted to crush some cookies late at night.

detox 2

Have a deadline

A seven-day detox is usually incredibly beneficial and not nearly the daunting task that a 30 day challenge entails, and will provide you with some significant health benefits without you going crazy.

Detox every month or so

As we highlighted above, humans are creatures of habit. To make it so that your detox doesn’t run against your habits you’ll want to ingrain it like everything else by detoxing every month and sticking to a tight schedule.